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Celebrate World Sound Healing Day 
1,000,000 Crystal Bowls - 24/7 - Daily
Singing Love, Beauty, Joy, Abundance, Healing, And Peace

February 14, At 12 Noon (In Your Time Zone)
Creating Vibrations of LOVE and JOY!

Feel The Power
Feel the power of Thousands of people singing Crystal Bowls to raise the
Vibrations of Love, Beauty, Abundance, Healing, and Peace in all Life.
The Mission
The mission is to sing your Healing Crystal Bowls every day at 12 noon,
as long as you like 
- Preferable from 11:55 AM to 1:05 PM so the Vibrations overlap - 
to help create a more Loving and Peaceful World 
for us, for our families, and for future generations.
Share The Joy
1,000,000 Singing Bowls Daily

Share this mission with your friends and family and inspire them 
to join in the Joy of shining Love, Peace, and Healing.

Our goal is to have 1,000,000 Singing Bowls singing 
Love, Beauty, Joy, Healing, and Peace daily.
We Are Here To Create A Better World



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Let Us Light Up The World With Beautiful Life Giving Sound
Sending Our Love, Beauty, Joy, Healing, And Peace
To All Life

Global Moment Of Sound Healing - Singing.png___.png
Creating The Frequencies Of Love, Beauty, Joy, Healing, And Peace

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